DAWES at the Theater of the Art Museum Park in Raleigh, NC -May 17

-West Coast stars Dawes playfully experiment with roots-rock and the southern California sound while embracing soul hooks, R&B grooves, and swampy blues. Count on them to deliver one of the best live shows on the rock scene today. Their latest album, Passwords, defies expectations.

Dawes co-founder Taylor Goldsmith says, “Our approach has been less about ‘What would a rock band do in this situation?’ than asking ‘What would a rock band not do?’ Let’s do that instead.” Most important to Goldsmith and the band is a commitment to decency and to exploring the “modern age and the relationships that fill it, the politics that divide it, and the small victories and big losses that give it shape.”

“The band’s new album unlocks its future” (Jim Farber, New York Times).



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