An exhilarating Sunday night with Pool and Tennis at The Ritz

I’ve learned the hard way to always prep for the opener. And often I’m pleasantly surprised with the opening act. Alaina Moore’s vocals along with her husband’s guitar and the band Tennis made a direct hit on my Sahasrara chakra and kept it humming for their entire set. I usually go to an outside corridor to wait out the opener after shooting the specified three tunes, but I couldn’t leave the room with this one. This music was much needed medicine.
Tennis was a good choice to warm things up for Pool. Pool didn’t break the trance but enriched it…and a blasted us to the outer regions. A terrific performance. It was an awesome Sunday night at The Ritz.
_MG_0030I was using the Canon 5D Mark II bodies, with the Canon 14mm 2.8, the 16-35mm 2.8. and the 24-70mm 2.8. _MG_0068













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