AWOLNATION, Missio and Irontom at The Ritz

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must delineate between Enjoyment, Pleasure and Fun. It’s a long and treacherous road, with many ups and downs, ins and outs. fronts and backs, tops, cliffs, edges, peaks, and winding roads. _MG_0290Shooting this gig at Live Nation’s groovy Ritz Theater in Raleigh really crossed the line into pure fun. The first two bands of the evening, Irontom and Missio just absolutely kicked ass. _MG_0582The energy had to have been hard to top, but I wouldn’t know. By the time AWOLNATION appeared and I placed the viewfinder to my eye…my time in the pit was over. Did I shoot the allotted first three songs for AWOLNATION? I guess I did, I’ve got pics describing the event. Time disappeared. I couldn’t trace my steps. Time had stopped. I was dazed and confused. But was I grinning on my way home. What a great night, It was FUN!
_MG_0479Fortunately I brought my wide angle stuff. The Canon 14mm Rectilinear 2.8, Canon 15mm Fisheye 2.8, and the Canon 16-35mm 2.8. Good thing as the bands were so close they were screaming up my nostrils.

















































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