Evanescence + Lindsey Stirling -Walnut Creek 2018


During Lindsey Stirling’s set I was thinking, “Damn, this is a hard act to follow!” So powerful and surely inspirational to every one at Walnut Creek last night.

Lindsey Stirling_MG_0268I wasn’t sure what to expect with the full orchestration for Evanescence, just how it was going to play out after being pummeled into paste by Stirling’s bow.
_MG_0108However, Evanescence was truly magnificent, extraordinary and magical. I just wish we had more than the proverbial three songs to shoot…there was a lot going on!
_MG_0097For this performance, we were shooting from “The Soundboard” which means at Walnut Creek, about 40 yards or so out from the stage. Understandable as you need some distance to work out whats going on here. So, when ever I hear “The Soundboard”, I pack my Canon 400mm 2.8, and I brought the 70-200 2.8 as well to get a few shots of the whole stage. The exposure settings were in the range of a shutter speed of 320-400 at F2.8 with an ISO of 800 during Lindsey’s opener to accommodate daylight mixed with spotlights, and the same for the more dramatic lighting with the spots for Evanescence. _MG_0245







































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