KANSAS “Point of Know Return Anniversary Tour” at DPAC in Durham, NC – Saturday 11/16

by Sheryl Bryant

Kansas returns to DPAC for an exciting two hour performance on this leg of their Point of No Return Tour . Their promise is to play their epic 1977 album “ Point of No Return” in its entirety and to dig deeply into their tremendously successful and popular album Leftoverture as well as a few trinkets from among their twenty album discography. 

Kansas originally formed in 1970 in Topeka. Their history has certainly been one of evolution. Multiple lineup changes and artistic differences created change in personnel. But two things have never changed. That is both the strength of their signature album oriented rock sound and their loyal fanbase. 

With mega hits “Dust in the Wind”, “Carry on Wayward Son” and “Hold On” to the band’s credit, Kansas has been no stranger to success and accolades. They have earned nine gold, three multi platinum and two platinum albums, as well as achieving a million selling single with “Dust in the Wind”. 

Kansas’ current lineup consists of the following seven members: 

Phil Ehart on drums and percussion
Rich WIlliams on lead guitar and backing vocals
Billy Greer on bass and lead/backing vocals
David Ragsdale on violin; rhythm guitar and backing vocals Ronnie Platt on lead vocals and keyboard
Zak Rizvi on lead and rhythm guitars/backing vocals
Tom Brislin on keyboards 

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