Liz Thompson Aerial Artist of the Silks

I had the opportunity to photograph the amazing Liz Thompson. Liz teaches the art of Aerial Silks. Fortunately I’d had a rig point installed in the studio ceiling to handle this kind of thing just in case the issue of dangling ever came up. 67_FiniI was using a 1K Fresnel and a lot of reflectors for the main light, and I had rigged up some LEDs in the room which created what one might call a color interest reflected in the cloth in this set. I shot with the Canon 5d Mark II with the Canon 16-35mm 2.8 lens. I asked Liz to explain to us how she made the Aerial Way her way.
216_FiniWell, I started doing silks back in 2013.  I wanted to build more strength but I found that just going to the gym and lifting weights wasn’t my cup of tea.  I went through a phase where I tried several different types of fitness classes.  That phase ended the moment I hit the silks!  It was love at first sight. 135_FINIWhen I was a beginner I had almost no upper body strength, but there are a lot of beginner level skills and exercises you can do to build up.  Over the years I’ve awakened muscles I didn’t even know I had and done things that I never thought possible.  The journey to get here has been great, too.  I’ve made a lot of strong and supportive friends along the way.  
268_FINI_NEXTSALEAnother thing that I love about aerial silks is the creativity involved.  Once you learn a few skills, you can start to play with transitions and sequences to put things together in a unique way.  It’s such a fun and rewarding process to come up with a new flow.
201_Fini’m thrilled to be able to teach aerial silks and share my passion with others.  I would encourage anyone curious about it to give it a try.  At the very least it will be fun, but it just may also change your life!
33_FINILiz teaches introductory level classes at Lux Performance Arts in Apex, NC.  For more information on classes, visit her website at or visit Lux at 0129_Fini


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