NEEDTOBREATHE with Johhnyswim at Walnut Creek in Raleigh, NC

_MG_0120It was cool seeing the child become part of the performance with Johnnyswim. Get ‘em started early they say. What a way to grow… a star is born. It was difficult to tear my camera off the beautiful Amanda Sudano and child as a compositional element and refocus on the music…but I managed, and got a few keepers of Abner Ramirez’s awesome performance.
_MG_0006It began as a rain-soaked evening, but ended a beautiful shoot. I was all geared up to photograph Billy Rafoul, Johnnyswim and NEEDTOBREATHE, but unfortunately we couldn’t get access to shoot Billy Raffoul’s performance, so I’m sorry to those of you that may be looking for this here, but I am happy that things worked out so well with Johnnyswim & NEEDTOBREATHE. _MG_0010



















NEEDTOBREATHE attracts a swell crowd. A wholesome vibe penetrated Walnut Creek. We were all  feeling pretty good that evening although there were some very light showers in the beginning. We were lucky with the weather clearing, enjoying the show a lot better after we took our hot ponchos off. The band gave it their all and the crowd was very appreciative. A brilliant give and take.











































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