Of Monsters and Men

I’m glad that the band does point out that there is a difference between monsters and men, but still, what a wet, wet shoot.


How I photographed this.

My fancy photo belt that holds all my fancy gear unclipped and fell off all by itself when I walked into the dark, wet pit, in the rain as the band charged into it’s first set. My earplugs were in one of those black bags on the belt somewhere on the ground in the saturated darkness. This is not good, considering where I’m standing. Then I saw it. My chip wallet had FELL OFF MY BELT AND WAS LYING IN A PUDDLE. Full of a bunch of 32 and 16 gig 600s, these chips hold all your pics…and they don’t give those things away either. So, as my eardrums were exploding, I tried to decide what to do, save my chips or save my eardrums.

_MG_0073What you say? I did neither. This is a concert shoot. Other photographers are running around  past you for position, and your standing there with all your shit in a puddle. I lost myself in self pity, figured no one could tell the difference, so I just cried and wet my pants.


_MG_0097After barely recovering from my emotional rollercoaster and trying to think, the only thing I could come up with to do in the dark rain, with all of Walnut Creek watching, because I was standing in front of the front row, was to slowly put everything back in its place and suit up. I did. I shot. And I got a couple of keepers. And another wonderful memory.

Everything dried out and is ok.

This shoot: 3 Canon 5D Mark2 bodies, 16-35, 24-70 and the 70-200
In closing, I’d say the key piece of equipment for this shoot was my umbrella. Which I left in the pit like the last one.
_MG_0109 _MG_0112 _MG_0114 _MG_0120 _MG_0122A _MG_0126 _MG_0133 _MG_0134 _MG_0138 _MG_0144 _MG_0145 _MG_0147 _MG_0149 _MG_0150 _MG_0164 _MG_0171 _MG_0171A _MG_0177 _MG_0189 _MG_0198 _MG_0199 _MG_0246 _MG_0247 _MG_0248 _MG_0249 _MG_0257 _MG_0260

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