Silversun Pickups

Getting to the first show after The Ritz did even more decorating in the last couple of months, everything was all freshened up and with more decorative lighting, even a lit up big Big Boy boy.

SP-27It was good to see the staff again. Several months ago I photographed 45 staff portraits at The Ritz -it took all day- and with their Marketing Director, the amazing, lovely Morgan (now transferred somewhere else),  I really sensed the love this large group of folks had for each other. It was nice to witness this. It must feel good. People working together harmoniously. Must be a music thing. SP-26How I photographed this.
Like I said Morgan was gone, so they had brought over a marketing guy from the Fillmore Charlotte to handle the publicity and us, the music photographers. All these people from Live Nation are very nice. Makes you want to buy a ticket.
SP-25The nice Live Nation man herded us slimy paparazzi into the pit and we proceeded to slime away. For some reason there was a real tall guy with very long skinny legs sitting in the pit with a camera. I kept banging into his legs as I was running around trying to get into position to take concert pictures during the set, and he seemed sort of perturbed I kept tripping over his legs as it seemed to unnerve him that I moved about. He wasn’t disabled, I noticed he did stand up a couple of times to catch some great shots. It looked like he was tight with the band. Wow.
SP-243 Canon 5D2 bodies. The Fish-eye and 16-35 won this round. I used a 70-200 too, but no selections off that chip. Wrong lens I guess. SP-21 SP-20 SP-19 SP-18 SP-17 SP-16 SP-15 SP-14 SP-11 SP-10 SP-9 SP-8 SP-7 SP-6 SP-4 SP-3 SP-2 SP-1 SP-55 SP-54 SP-50 SP-49 SP-48 SP-44 SP-42 SP-20 SP-16 SP-15 SP-12 SP-8 SP-3 SP-1

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