Welcome to INDRA

Welcome to INDRA, a periodical of the “People’s Army for the Liberation of Performance”

So far it’s just two of us: Jenny Bramble is the Web Genius, and I’m the guy that does the photos. You could say that this is “Scott Chmelar’s photography blog”, which it is very much so; but as this venture materialized…it very much became the work of Jenny Bramble’s as the web designer as mine as the story teller and photographer. As things gradually took shape, it started to look like I was being the photographer for the people’s performance army–the folks that do what I shoot so much of. Once this activity started to dawn on me, I wanted to know their stories, and hear them tell it as they wanted it to be heard. I hope to cover the local luminaries in performance arts, the Lighting Directors, Sound Guys, Recording Studios, Art Gallerys, Choreographers, Make­up Artists, Security Staff, Parking Lot Help, Food Trucks, Rock Stars…I’m not picky! As well as visual artists…an exhibition for exhibitionists! Pulling in prose and poetry as well! All these wonderful people pulled together to give us the arts and performance as a total experience…and do they have stories! Maybe one about you!

Music…in many ways live music has been healing me for the last few years, inspiring me to build a vinyl collection, plug into the stream, listen and learn, discovering tunes and melodies from the past as well as finding new talent out there. I can tell I’m being healed by live performance–I can feel it. I’m not going to go on about this…try it for yourself.

Music…I’d like to thank some very important people in my life that have encouraged me to photograph musical things. Virginia Ewing that has brought me into the world of classical music. Mortrendus that is composed of the finest men I know, and continue to encourage the creative drive in me to this day, Steve Msarsa of Mortrendus who introduced me to Mark Winston that owns, which supports musicians in many, many ways. My hats off to these people. They are a magical bunch.

Enjoy INDRA. ­No ax to grind really…it’s just for you to chill, get to know who’s making these things happen. Maybe, see some nice pics.


Scott Chmelar

Editor INDRA Performance & Arts Magazine

Freelance Photographer


Jenny Bramble

Editor INDRA Performance & Arts Magazine

Web Designer


INDRA is dedicated to my late, best friend from high school, Roger Cary, bass player.

Thanks Roger. I’m listening.

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