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This exotic Jewelry shoot encompassed many features in materials, texture and skin tone. In color, the deep hues express the warmth and fire of romance. There was such a great variety of skin tones under the same lighting conditions…I wanted to do a test in Black & White. To me, in black & white, it looked as if the emotion had moved from passion to a study of the human condition. I’m not sure why it changes. Perhaps when you take the blood out of the picture, things get more abstract!

How I Photographed This:

Today, I would add another feature to an ad campaign like this as I’ve added a new lens to the arsenal: the Canon Macro 100mm EF 2.8 L USM, which offers tight closeups. Something you would use for bug photography…(bug photography rocks!)

Anyway, I would have the Macro on another camera body and just knock out close ups on the fly as we go…a few usually hit the spot, in addition to a post studio day to shoot detailed closeups…essential to accurately describe a piece precisely: its quality, craftsmanship, character and uniqueness ­ which translate to sales.
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