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I was shooting a project for another client near Pete Bustin’s office in Raleigh (Merge Design). Pete told me he was in the band Mortrendus and invited me to their gig that evening at The Maywood. He mentioned I was welcome to bring my camera. I hadn’t shot much music up to that point (concert photography wasn’t even on the horizon in my mind) I was jacked at the opportunity. We had a blast that evening, got some cool pics, and an Alliance was formed.

How I Photographed This:

These guys are now like my brothers. They commissioned me to do something for their marketing package and gave me free reign. The wild stuff you see here is Light Painting. The photographer and subject work in total darkness, painting the subject manually with light. The effects you can get are infinite. I love the polka dots of light hitting the floor on some of these…I think I was using a chunk of hardboard that was from the back of an old tv set that had all these funky wholes cut out of it so the tubes could keep cool. I use it for a cookie in front of a de­lensed fresnel for lighting effects.

In the factory shots, I used a 1K Fresnal and a 2K Fresnal.




Motrendus is a Raleigh, NC band that plays straightforward hard rock. Simply put, it’s music that harkens back to yesterday, and forges a sound for today’s audience.

Drawing from a fusion of 70s hard rock, 80s metal and 90s grunge, Motrendus combines the psychedelic with the heavy, and the groovy with the melodic. When Motrendus plays, they sound the clarion call to hard rock fans everywhere.

The band formed in the Spring of 2010, and quickly began formulating an original direction. Strong on melody and diverse in delivery, each song by Motrendus breaks new ground and takes the listener on an exciting aural trip through space and time.

Soaring harmonies, solid rhythms, crunching guitars and astral lead interludes make the sound of Motrendus unmistakable to each listener. Take a ride on the musical wave of power and emotion that is Motrendus.

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