Rise Against at Red Hat Amphitheater

It was a perfect day at Red Hat. Sunny and a great, happy, excited crowd. Good to see. Multiple bands were playing, and although I’ve had to pause shooting shows for a while to stay home to care for my 90 year old mom, I was asked if I wanted to shoot Rise Against, and well…I just couldn’t say no!
I used the Cannon 5D Mark II Bodies with the 70-200mm 2.8, 16-35mm 2.8, and the 14mm 2.8 Canon lenses.
I see I was using a 320 shutter speed, ISO 640 at F3.2, or there about.
_MG_0173You could say that all of us photographers had to deal with lots of photographers with twice as many elbows. But I did get to see a few old timers there and it’s always enjoyable to reconnect in this odd reality called the photo pit. All things being turned on, tuned up and tuned in, and always with these giant security dudes ready to bust your ass if you go over the line. YES SIR!

_MG_0062I was asked to cover the crowd a bit which I seldom do as it most often interferes with venue rules. But with my trusty set of instructions from the band’s agent I was allowed just a few minutes to go out and about on the grounds. I could stay all day out among the savages…I guess that’s what tickets are for.



































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