Band of Horses with Bonny Doon at The Ritz in Raleigh

After spending years of loitering in venues photographing music, the technical stuff begins to fade giving way to a more subtle, more intuitive feeling about being there. Whats happening, what the crowd is feeling, what the house is shaking out.

Bonny Doon
Waiting for the band’s set to begin, running into the pit, jostling with the other odd birds, trying not to bump their elbows while they shoot and getting your chances in to catch something in focus with some kind of decent composition, it seems there just isn’t enough mental space to hear the music. Your ears are plugged so you don’t go deaf,  you can feel your clothes blowing back from the bass speakers your leaning against, there just ain’t much biological space to hear either.
_MG_0009Yet something else emerges. A feeling. Something rising to the surface. A piece of your heart, a piece you didn’t know you had begins to make its way through your body from the inside out…and you begin to feel a connection with the music…it is coming through! Something that feels new, but it’s been there forever and you can’t remember ever feeling it before, but you know its old. It’s an old piece of you coming through. Through the music!
_MG_0008That’s what I felt last night as I tried to shoot through the darkness and smoke. This stuff is very difficult for us music photographers to shoot through. Some where just standing around frustrated, while the three songs we were approved of to shoot for each band went by. Another photographer was shooting through a crystal attempting to at least get some creative interpretation of the smoke and shadows. But I hammered through, seeing if I could get a few keepers. And the few I got are what you see here._MG_0052











Band of Horses_MG_0149

















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