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_MG_0045-2 copyFor years the ring on my phone has been one of the standards: A theremin eeking out a Halloweeny type of composition. Folks give me the “eeeewww” and laugh. Although I choose this particular tiny bit of eerie electronic musical composition emitting from my pocket simply to trouble the neighbors, a theremin was also used in the beautiful and gorgeous Beachboy’s “Good Vibrations” as well.

EDM -Electronic Dance Music. For decades, the waves of dance culture pummel the walls of electronica for demand of the unknown, the unheard, the New.

Robert Moog, a self taught electrical engineer, made the start as a kid building and selling theremins, eventually becoming a leader in bridging music and electronica, inventing the Moog Synthesizer.

We in the triangle, the east coast for that matter..the western hemisphere,  are fortunate to host the 4-Day Moogfest in Durham, NC. To have this high level of science, art, performance and music creation come together for an extended weekend to fill our souls with good creative juice…and answers, lots and lots of answers…it’s a treasure!  I am grateful. …I couldn’t stay to see the performances…they have tons of concerts every night all over town. Next Year! They are coming back!

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