Thrice with The Bronx and Teenage Wrist at The Ritz, Raleigh NC

I got the call one minute before Teenage Wrist opened. My sister had fallen and now she was in the hospital. She was worried she had broken her leg.  My mind, the room, the sounds started to spin as I tried to grasp it all. I’m a care giver to my 91 year old mom, who can barely think or walk and my sister is my back-up. The show was about to start, I didn’t know what to do. Sometimes there is nothing to do but worry, and worrying is just a state of mind, so I just let it go and went into the pit and started shooting.

Teenage Wrist


Wow, was this show dark. I could see while I edited this show that with my swirling state of mind, my photographer’s intuition to adjust the camera settings, (I shoot in Manual Mode), was turned off. These are things you learn as you go as a photographer. One lesson at a time, sometimes multiple lessons at a time. The school of hard knocks. (Sorry sister).


This evening’s lesson was to know that you don’t know. Just check the camera settings once you feel you’ve got the idea about the light for “this set”. My eye never left the view finder that night. I was trapped in the tunnel. 


As it turned out my sister did fracture her knee cap. Things will be tough here at home. No help. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.








The Bronx

































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