Weezer, Pixies and Sleigh Bells at Walnut Creek 2018

It was a great opportunity to photograph Weezer, with The Pixies and Sleigh Bells at the Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek the other day. The weather was perfect and the crowd was pumped. There were about 10 concert shooters there…we were ready for the juice. Whoa! When we were escorted to the pit, we found we just had about 4 inches of walking room…and tons of equipment in the pit blocking access to all areas of the stage. We made due. We had no room to be cordial. There is a “Concert Shooter’s Code” to allow everybody in the pit room to shoot, be courteous, duck under lenses and wear deodorant…stuff like that. But it was difficult to just find a place to park. We did our best though, and I apologies for my mass of bones and flesh, bags and gear, sweat and spit..but not the swearing!

Sleigh Bells _MG_0006But I managed to get a few keepers. Every band was full of power, and Sleigh Bells really started things off with a brilliant performance. I’d love to see them on a stage indoors..in some smokey club…they transported me back into my punk days..Very high energy!
_MG_0475Pixies delivered and kept throwing fire into the flames, keeping us stoked for the remainder of the evening with Weezer filling out the night with a dynamite exhibition. A great show.
_MG_0094Using my 3 Canon 5D Mark II bodies, I affixed the Cannon 14mm 2.8, the 16-35mm 2.8, and the 24-70mm 2.8 lenses. Because of the crazy configuration of the pit, all loaded up with the gear of the show, I could barley find a place to stand, and every lens seemed to be the wrong choice. But I managed. One more Shoot – One more Lesson.




















The Pixies_MG_0119-Edit








_MG_0729  _MG_0574


_MG_0680  _MG_0641






_MG_0870   _MG_0971













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